Paris Mayor Says It’s ‘Absurd’ City Has Been Fined For Hiring Almost Exclusively Women

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Kyle Reynolds Contributor
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Paris city hall has been hit with a fine for €90,000, approximately $110,000, after around sixty-nine percent of the senior jobs in the city were appointed to women.

The fine was imposed by the Civil Service Ministry as the hirings were in violation of a 2013 law mandating a minimum of 40 percent of civil service jobs must go to each gender, according to the Independent.

Mayor Anne Hidalgo decried the fines as “dangerous” and “absurd.” The law was initially put into place to create better access for women to senior positions. (RELATED: OPINION: The Only Answer To The Attack On Men Is Women Who Stand Up To Feminist Elite)

Hidalgo, a member of the Socialist Party, told the Paris city council that she was “happy to announce that we have been fined” for being “too feminist,” reported the Independent. Despite the Civil Service Ministry’s finding, Hidalgo called on France to “speed up the tempo” in promoting women as a means to lessen the gender pay gap which, according to Hidalgo, is “still very great.”

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The mayor further disparaged the fine, referring to it as obviously “absurd, unfair, irresponsible and dangerous” and alleging that “to one day achieve parity, we must speed up the tempo and ensure that more women are appointed than men,” according to the Independent.

Hidalgo stated that she would take the check for the fine to the Ministry herself, and that she was “delighted to pay” it, according to the Wall Street Journal.