Rand Paul Lashes Out At ‘Petty Tyrants’ And Wasteful Spending In Annual Festivus ‘Airing Of Grievances’

Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul let his grievances fly Wednesday in his annual observation of the “Seinfeld”-inspired holiday Festivus.

Paul began by compiling and publishing, as he does every year, a list of what he believes are the most egregious wastes of taxpayer money. (RELATED: ‘Why Do You Want To Spread Violence?’: Joe Scarborough Lashes Out At Rand Paul In Angry Rant)

Among those that rated a mention on his 2020 list, which accounted for $54 billion, were the millions sent to combat truancy in The Philippines and research grants for a program that involved lizards walking on treadmills.

Citing Dr. Anthony Fauci’s failure to complain about the quality of pizza and bagels in Washington, D.C., Paul went on to say that he doubted Fauci actually hailed from Brooklyn.

“I’ve had at least a half dozen encounters with Dr. Fauci so far this year, and he has yet to have a rant about how there are no good bagels or pizza in DC. I don’t even think he’s really from Brooklyn. I’m calling for a Special Counsel to investigate this,” Paul said.

He also noted that he had asked for special approval for Fauci to play on the congressional baseball team as the GOP’s new pitcher. “He has shown us his skills and where he truly belongs,” Paul said.

Paul said that his Festivus wish was for children to be able to return to school in 2021 and reserved a few choice words for the “petty tyrants” he said were keeping schools closed in spite of scientific data rather than because of it. (RELATED: ‘Almost All In Good Fun’: Rand Paul Takes ‘Festivus’ Potshots At Rudy Giuliani And John Bolton)

Paul is one of just six Republican senators who voted against the $900 billion coronavirus relief bill that passed earlier in the week with bipartisan support.