Fox News’ Steve Doocy: Republicans Would Impeach If A Democratic President Behaved Like Trump

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Fox News co-host Steve Doocy argued Wednesday morning that if a Democratic president had behaved like President Donald Trump, Republicans would vote to impeach.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi introduced one article of impeachment Tuesday that accused the president of inciting the riot that took place at the U.S. Capitol. Multiple Republicans have gone on record as supporting the effort.

Co-anchor Brian Kilmeade called impeachment a “huge distraction” during the “Fox & Friends” discussion, but Doocy disagreed.

“Let’s put the shoe on the other foot,” said Doocy. “If a Democratic president did what happened last week, a week ago today, would the Republicans in the House and Senate vote to impeach him if they could? The answer is yes.”


“There is so much to do in the middle of a pandemic,” Kilmeade said after some crosstalk. “How does it help to impeach someone who is going to be at his resort? It makes no sense … So a guy is packed, he’s walking out of the house, and you go ‘ok, you’re fired.’ OK, I’ve left. How does that help?”

“I think the Members of Congress ultimately just want some accountability,” Doocy responded.

Kilmeade pressed back to ask whether a censure would work just as well to send the message. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has reportedly expressed a willingness to censure the president.

Though there will likely not be enough time to actually remove Trump from office, an impeachment conviction would bar him from running again in 2024. (RELATED: Geraldo Rivera: Impeachment ‘Justified By The Facts,’ But Democrats Have ‘Dirty Hands’)

The panel went on to discuss the potential political ramifications in store for the GOP and Trump’s support base.