REPORT: Baggage Claim Sticker Assists Police In Identifying Suspect After Dismembered Body Was Found In A Suitcase

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A baggage claim sticker reportedly helped assist police in identifying a suspect after dismembered remains were found inside two suitcases.

Police charged Benjamin Satterthwaite, of Colorado, Tuesday with one count of tampering with a dead human body in the death of Joshua Lockard and first-degree murder Tuesday, according to a police affidavit obtained by People magazine.

City employees plowing snow came across two suitcases on Dec. 29 in Denver, the outlet reported. After finding a human foot in one of the suitcases, the city employees called 911. The other suitcase contained a human torso in a trash bag, the report said.

Authorities noticed that one of the suitcases had a baggage claim ticket “consistent with being placed after a recent flight” attached, the affidavit said according to People. (RELATED: Officials Reveal Cause Of Death For Social Media Influencer Whose Naked Dead Body Was Found On The Side Of The Road)

“The bottom of the sticker, underneath the barcode, contained the name ‘Satterthwait’ and ‘Den,'” the outlet reported.

“The suitcase sticker was associated with a United Airlines flight that landed in Denver on December 21, 2020, at 8:53 a.m.,” the police affidavit said, People reported.

Police were called to Satterthwaite’s apartment on Jan. 1 after someone reported an overdose, according to People Magazine. Satterthwaite was unconscious at the time after suffering a possible overdose, police believed.

Police saw blood inside Satterthwaite’s home and found a suitcase that allegedly matched the black one found with the body inside, the outlet reported.

Police researched Satterthwaite’s home after receiving a warrant, People magazine reported. Police later reportedly found a hacksaw and two-piece saw blades that were purchased on Dec. 27 and a bank card “with the name ‘Joshua Lockard'” inside the home, the outlet reported.

Satterthwaite was arrested Jan. 8