‘White Slavery’: Ana Navarro Says Kevin McCarthy Visiting Trump And ‘Kissing The Ring’ Looked Like Slave And Master

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Ana Navarro said Friday that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s visit to former President Donald Trump made her think of “white slavery.”

Navarro said on ABC’s “The View” that McCarthy was among the Republicans who had not taken the last week as an opportunity to distance themselves from Trump and his administration. (RELATED: ‘They Can Wait’: Ana Navarro Says White House Staffers Don’t Deserve Early Shot At COVID Vaccine)


Cohost Joy Behar began the segment by addressing division within the Republican Party, saying, “So House Minority Leader, the fabulous Kevin McCarthy told Republicans to, quote, ‘Cut the crap and stop fighting with each other’ before he went down to Florida to kiss Trump’s ring, but Matt Gaetz, another lovely guy, didn’t get the memo — because he went down to Wyoming to trash Liz Cheney.”

Behar then turned the question to Navarro, who argued that Republicans had missed an opportunity to “get rid of the cross that they have been bearing with Donald Trump, who has divided the party and opened it up for all sorts of nut-jobs to come into the party.”

Navarro went on to refer to Mar-a-Lago’s interior as a “vintage bordello look,” saying that McCarthy had made “a pilgrimage to I guess what’s going to become now  the Republican Mecca” because he was concerned that Trump might actually start a third party “if Republicans don’t continue kissing his ring among other body parts.”

“I think it’s white slavery, what I just witnessed from Kevin McCarthy,” Navarro concluded. “He looks like he’s owned by his master, and his master is Donald Trump, it is pathetic.”