‘Like Termites In The Foundation’: Marjorie Taylor Greene Advocated Confronting Congress Over Border Wall

(Screenshot via YouTube)

Michael Ginsberg Congressional Reporter
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Georgia Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene called for Americans to “shut down the streets” and “flood the Capitol building” in a 2019 YouTube video.

The video, first reported on by Salon, was filmed in support of a march called “We Will Fund That Wall” that was originally scheduled to be held on Feb. 23, 2019. A Facebook event post indicates that the march was cancelled. Greene was listed on Facebook as a host of the march.

Greene speaks for over 89 minutes in the video, during which she endorses using the $14 billion seized from drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman to build a wall between the United States and Mexico. Texas Senator Ted Cruz also supported the idea in Feb. 2019.

“The idea is stupid simple, but we have retards” in Congress who won’t pass it, Greene said.

Greene blasted elected officials, saying they were “screwing America.”

“We vote and elect these people,” she continued, “and then they tear our country apart, like termites in the foundation.”

“The only language these idiots understand… is when they look out their window… and there is a sea of Americans who were willing to take a little bit of time on one day on one weekend to show up in Washington, DC and say ‘enough is enough.'”

“Nothing will change until we show up in person and remind them who we are,” Greene added.

A YouTube video posted by former California congressional candidate Omar Navarro on Feb. 22, 2019 suggests that Greene did in fact show up to Congress for the purpose of confronting a member. “Let’s talk to her about what treason means,” Greene says of California Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Greene and Navarro do not actually meet with Waters in the video.

Greene has drawn attention for her belief in conspiracy theories such as QAnon. She has also suggested that no plane hit the Pentagon during the September 11 terrorist attacks. Greene called the Parkland school shooting a “false flag” and refused to apologize for harassing shooting survivor David Hogg on video. (RELATED: ‘Cancer,’ ‘Looney Lies’—McConnell Sounds Off On Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Past Comments, Says She Is ‘Not Living In Reality’)

House Democrats are expected to move forward with a vote to strip Greene of her committee assignments later this week, NPR reported.