Meghan McCain Unloads On GOP Over Marjorie Taylor Greene: ‘There’s Sure As Hell No Middle Ground On It For Me’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Meghan McCain said Thursday that she could see “no middle ground” in the GOP over Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

McCain also argued on “The View” that members should have cast their votes publicly when they decided whether to oust Republican Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney from her leadership role, saying that it amounted to cowardice that they didn’t. (RELATED: ‘It’s So Good’: Meghan McCain Says She Could Watch Mike Lindell’s Newsmax ‘Meltdown’ 30 Times)


McCain began with Wednesday’s vote on Cheney, saying that despite claims from Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, she had escaped not only unscathed but with a decisive majority.

“There was a feeling among people like Matt Gaetz saying we have the votes, we’re going to oust her from her role in third-in-line in leadership in the Congress, and she ended up being voted by a whopping 145 to 61 to stay. What that says to me is there’s a lot of people going on TV saying different things than they’re privately voting, and it was a private vote. And by the way, one person voted present. What are you doing in a private vote voting present?” she asked.

McCain went on to argue that Greene should have made a public apology for her past comments and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy should have been quicker to stand up in support of Cheney.

“If you want to apologize for all the garbage and bile that you have said and then put our party through at the same time, do it publicly, and Kevin McCarthy, you let Liz Cheney vacillate until the 11th hour, and then at the 11th hour said, oh, okay. We should rally behind her,” she said. “He had plenty of ample opportunities to do this over the past few weeks and he decided not to. The idea that he came in and saved Liz Cheney is something that I personally don’t go forth for.”

McCain concluded by saying that if the Republican Party had any interest in winning back those who were leaving over conspiracy theories and “QAnon crap that Marjorie Taylor Greene is spewing,” they would take steps to get rid of “the era of Trumpism” as soon as they possibly could.

“This isn’t something we can walk on the middle of, and we can walk a high-wire act,” she said. “It is one or the other. There is no middle ground on this. There’s sure as hell no middle ground on it for me.”