‘You’re Sounding Totally Bonkers!’: Piers Morgan Slams Sarah Palin In Heated Debate Over Trump Impeachment


Brandon Gillespie Media Reporter
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Former Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin got into a heated debate with ITV hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid while discussing the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump during a Tuesday appearance on “Good Morning Britain.”

Reid began the discussion by stating that some of the alleged members of the mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 are claiming they were “following the president’s instructions.” She then asked Palin if she thought it would lead to Trump being convicted.

“The president told those who were attending the rally to go protest peacefully, and patriotically, and legally, so, no, these idiots who did storm the Capitol, and now they’re blaming the president for their own actions, I think that’s a symptom of a societal problem where people just cannot take responsibility for their stupid and criminal acts,” Palin responded.

Trump was impeached on Jan. 13 after being accused of inciting the mob to storm the Capitol. Prior to the attack he held a rally near the White House and called on his supporters to march to the Capitol and demand Congress stop the certification of the Electoral College vote. Amid the attack, Trump released a video from the White House calling on the mob to remain peaceful and return home.

Reid then pointed out that Trump was the one who told them to go to the Capitol and “take back their country,” as well as continued pushing claims that the election was stolen.

“Go break laws, people, go act like idiots, go vandalize our own, the people’s house- yeah, right – no! He didn’t say anything of the sort. But, yeah, people who are now looking to blame someone, well isn’t it convenient, because the media has made it sound like President Trump had instigated, or certainly encouraged criminal activity, which is bull,” Palin said. “Also, you have to remember that those who were these rioters … they weren’t like standing in the back of the rally, rooting on patriotically a president’s speech – no. They knew what they were going to do, they were going to go storm the Capitol, and be jerks, and make everybody else look really bad.”

Morgan then jumped into the discussion saying that Trump “perpetuated an absolute lie” and then “whipped his mob into a frenzy” and told them to “stop the steal.” He continued, saying, “Some of them may have just got the wrong memo … but it sounded to me like the president wanted to stop the steal … and stop the democratic election being ratified. That, I’m afraid, is a criminal action, isn’t it?” (RELATED: Joy Reid Launches On A Republican Name-Calling Spree During Impeachment Segment)

The debate then devolved into a shouting match with Palin and Morgan attempting to speak over each other and Palin offering no clear answer to Morgan’s question. This eventually led to Morgan asking Palin where the proof of election fraud was, to which she responded, “What about all the dead people who voted?”

“I say this with the utmost respect to you, you’re sounding totally bonkers,” Morgan said. “And part of the problem for the Republican party is that people like you, high-profile members of the party are still perpetuating this utter load of nonsense that somehow there is fraud that stopped Trump winning. Trump got hammered in this election.”