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Wos: Violence Is Real And Gun-Fear Is Manufactured

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By Dan Wos, Author Good Gun Bad Guy

The reason we have to fight so hard to preserve our 2nd Amendment, is not necessarily because we have government employees who want to violate the right it protects. We knew about them. The real reason we have to fight so hard is because there are people living among us who have fallen victim to the gun-lies. 
The fear of guns is manufactured. It’s created through media by politicians pushing an anti-gun message. The people who vote for these politicians and support these media outlets are the problem, because without their support, the gun grabbers would go away. Without people believing the lies and giving in to irrational fear, the politicians behind the messaging would never be voted in. If they were, they would have no audience to peddle their gun-fear campaign.
Fearful people will always vote for the politician who promises them safety and angry people will consume media that keeps them in a perpetual state of righteous indignation.
The first thing we see after an attack, where a gun was used, is an AR 15 scrolling across the TV screen. At this moment, anti-gun bureaucrats and fear-mongering lobbyists like Moms Demand Action, are cheering on the media while the fearful anti-gunner eats up the propaganda like candy because it feeds their fear of guns and validates their hatred toward gun-owners. 
Fear and hate are the strongest human emotions and can be used to get people to behave a certain way. An irrational fear of guns has been cultivated into our society by convincing people that guns cause violence. Although the anti-gun fear campaign is built on the nomenclature “gun-violence,” there’s is actually no such thing as “gun-violence.” There is only human violence, but politicians and left-wing media outlets don’t talk about the human element because guns are the thing they want to get rid of and most often, the policies of the political left are the root cause of the human violence in the first place. So, it’s no surprise they would want to keep reality a secret and help people develop “their own truth.”
Hatred toward gun owners is also conditioned into the thought process of often unsuspecting people. The Anti-2nd Amendment radicals will do everything they can to convince as many people as possible that gun owners are recklessly and intentionally putting everyone in danger through anti-gun propaganda. This couldn’t be further from the truth because we know that 2.5 million lives are saved every year in America because of gun owners. Most often just the mere presence of a good gun stops the human violence. 46% of those defensive gun uses are by women. The gun-grabbers don’t tell you that guns are used to save lives over seven times more than bypass surgery in America.
So, what will it take for the emotionally reactive, anti-gun crowd to realize that they’ve been misled? Often it takes a situation in their lives when they realize they could be in danger. It’s when the fear for their life becomes stronger than their manufactured fear of guns. We recently experienced a huge shift in non-gun owners coming to their senses and realizing that their lives are important and the only way to defend themselves against a violent attacker would be to own a gun. We saw this massive change of hearts and minds during the 2020 left-wing riots that occurred in major cities across America. Gun sales skyrocketed because a good number of people finally came to their senses and realized that they had been misled by the very politicians who promised them safety, yet encouraged looting, arson, theft and violence in the streets. There were over 21 million guns sold and over 8 million new gun owners in 2020.
Some Democrat mayors and governors supported the violent behavior of left-wing terror groups on their own cities despite putting their own citizens in danger, in the process. Those who could think for themselves, recognized it. Many fell further down the rabbit hole and continued to support the hate filled ideology that is hell-bent on destroying America.
2021 is a new year and with any luck we will remember how to be Americans. We’ll remember that our government employees work for us. And we’ll remember that our Second Amendment is not a Government issued privilege. It’s our right.

Dan Wos is the author of the book Good Gun Bad Guy: Behind the Lies of the Anti-Gun Radical and Good Gun Bad Guy 2: Destroying the Anti-Gun Narrative.