‘He Is Trump’s Twin’: New York Democrat Slams Cuomo After Losing Father To COVID In Nursing Home

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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New York residents Daniel and Peter Arbeeny said Tuesday that their governor was proving himself to be much like former President Donald Trump.

The Arbeenys, who lost their 89-year-old father to COVID in a nursing home, are among those criticizing Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo handling of the coronavirus pandemic. They told “Fox & Friends” host Steve Doocy that Cuomo had “constantly lied and gaslighted” the public. (RELATED: Cuomo Continues To Blame Feds, Nursing Homes For Death Toll)


Doocy asked the two brothers, who said they would like to hear an apology from Cuomo, how they felt about his Monday press conference — during which the governor blamed nursing home staffers and visitors for the increased number of cases.

“It is so sad. He consistently lied and gaslighted is and called us names from the beginning. In May I asked on CNN for an apology. Today, he is still blaming us and deflecting,” Daniel said. “I’m asking Chris Cuomo, his brother, to interview us and learn what happened.”

The two spoke of their father, a vibrant and relatively active and healthy man, who had entered a long term care facility for rehabilitation after a fall and contracted the virus there. They went in to say that they would like to see a fair, unbiased investigation into what had really happened.

“I would like to say that this is Governor Cuomo’s COVID-gate. I am not a political person, I am a Democrat and I am, as a Democrat requesting the Democratic Party get its act together. People died and we need a full, fair investigation with subpoena power, this is what our family and all our families demand. COVID knows no political party, this is not a political issue. The only one that’s made this political is the governor,” Peter added.

“I have been stonewalled by the Democratic Party, because they have been coddling and protecting Cuomo,” Daniel concluded. “I would want to be the first person to tell Cuomo what he doesn’t like about Trump is exactly who he is. He is Trump’s twin and he should learn a little empathy, learn to own his mistakes. He wants to be glorified. I’m okay if you did things right, but you also did things wrong and not apologizing to a family member or the thousands of family members is unconscionable.”