How Close Is Your State To ‘Herd Immunity’? We Have The Stats

(Photo by PHILL MAGAKOE/AFP via Getty Images)

Dylan Housman Healthcare Reporter
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A number of states are approaching the threshold needed for “herd immunity” from COVID-19, according to an analysis from Fundstrat, a financial research and consulting firm.

At least ten states may already have at least 50% of residents either vaccinated or previously infected with COVID-19, according to the firm’s analysis. Scientists have not reached a precise consensus on how many members of a population must be immune to the virus to have reached herd immunity, but common answers range from 60%-90%.

North and South Dakota are the top two states on the list from Fundstrat, with approximately 64% and 62% of the residents in those states having been either infected with the virus or been vaccinated, according to the firm’s estimates. Fundstrat calculates the number of COVID-19 infections in a given state as the number of confirmed cases multiplied by a factor of four. (RELATED: WHO COVID-19 Investigator Tried To Hide Involvement In Pro-China Statement, Email Reveals)

Numerous scientists have said at various points during the pandemic that it’s almost certain there have been far more cases of COVID-19 in America than have been confirmed through testing. This is due to the number of mild or asymptomatic cases that individuals may not have sought testing for. The most aggressive of those estimates suggest that as many as eight or nine times as many people in America have gotten COVID-19 than have actually tested positive.

Other states at 50% or more in the Fundstrat estimate include Arizona, Rhode Island, Utah, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Indiana.