‘Jaw-Dropping’: Comedian Mocks Massive Media Coverage Gap Between Cruz And Cuomo

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Comedian Michal Loftus mocked the massive media coverage gap between Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

Loftus made a Friday morning appearance on “America’s Newsroom,” speaking with anchors Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino about the amount of time networks devoted to covering Cruz’s poorly-timed trip to Cancun and Cuomo’s growing nursing home scandal. (RELATED: Joy Reid Mocks Ted Cruz: ‘His Daughters Aren’t Just In Cancun, They’re Also Under The Bus’)


Perino began the segment by showing the amount of time different networks had devoted to covering Cuomo — under fire for allegedly hiding the real coronavirus death toll in New York nursing homes — and Cruz, who flew to Cancun with his daughters while millions of Texans were without power and battling freezing temperatures. (RELATED: ‘Loud Enough For My Wife To Hear’: Democrat Details Threatening Phone Call From Gov. Cuomo)

Cuomo received 55 seconds to Cruz’s 3:15 on ABC’s “World News Tonight,” and “NBC Nightly News” gave 1:30 to Cuomo and two full minutes to Cruz. CNN devoted 2:42 to covering Cuomo, but spent ten times that — 25:31 — talking about Cruz. MSNBC made no mention of Cuomo, but gave over 20 minutes of coverage to Cruz. Only the “CBS Evening News” gave Cuomo (1:45) more coverage than Cruz (45 seconds).

Loftus called the disparity “jaw-dropping,” asking why people were so concerned specifically with what Cruz was doing.

“I can’t believe how much attention they want us to pay to this Ted Cruz thing,” he said. “They act like he’s the only person with a toolkit in Texas that can actually fix a frozen windmill. Like everyone’s outside, ‘Who can fix this? Who can fix this? Oh, Ted Cruz! Get here! Get your crescent wrench, we need your help!'”

Loftus went on to suggest that the media outlets were treating the American people like house cats, throwing out the stories they wanted people to “chase” like laser pointers.