Are French People Grateful For The United States’ Help During World War II?


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The Daily Caller’s Lisa Bennatan went to Paris, France, and asked Parisians whether they are grateful for the United States’ help during World War II.

Do any Parisians even remember America’s role in WWII 75 years later, let alone feel gratitude for the aid?

“I am sure they used to be. The young generation, I don’t know. But for example, my parents’ generation of course and my generation of course,” one Parisian explained to Bennatan.

But another man told Bennatan “of course, the history is there and it is very real.” (RELATED: D-Day Veteran Explains How Faith Sustained Him Through Hell)

Other French people seemed to disagree.

“I feel like they don’t think they owe anything to Americans,” one woman said.

“We’re grateful that they helped … but I don’t think we put that much on the Americans,” another woman told Bennatan.


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