Authorities In Nicaragua Find 6 Bodies In Boat Drifting Off Caribbean Coast

(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Elizabeth Louise Contributor
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Nicaraguan officials discovered the bodies of six people in a boat that had been floating off the coast of the Caribbean, near Cayo Las Palomas, on Tuesday, according to ABC News.

Among the unidentifiable decayed bodies, which are believed to have been migrants, officials from The Interior Ministry discovered a passport, which held no evidence of an entry stamp into Nicaragua, belonging to a 31-year-old man from the Republic of Guinea, ABC News reported.

Officials from the ministry explained that the people appeared to have died from either dehydration or heatstroke around a month ago, according to ABC News. (RELATED: Biden’s DHS Secretary Claims There Is Not ‘A Cris At The Border,’ Says ‘We’re Not Saying Don’t Come’ To Migrants)

Migrants trying to seek asylum in the United States sometimes find themselves trapped between the borders of Nicaragua and Costa Rica, ABC reported.

The migrants, who are trying to cross into Nicaragua’s southern border are often prevented from entering the country. As a result, many are forced to find alternative routes,

Cuban migrants who were trapped between the borders of Costa Rica and Nicaragua in 2015 were eventually rescued and brought to El Salvador, where they were then shuttled on buses to the United States.

Hundreds of migrants from Nicaragua were denied re-entry in into the country after going to Costa Rica in July 2020, thus leaving them trapped between Nicaragua and Costa Rica unless they could prove they didn’t have COVID-19, according to Reuters.