Nicole Kidman Got Into An Altercation At The Opera And Husband Keith Urban Finally Spills Why

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Nicole Kidman got into an altercation at the Sydney Opera House, and her husband Keith Urban finally spilled the details of what happened.

“We did not know you are not supposed to stand in the opera at the end of a performance,” the 53-year-old country singer shared in a radio interview for KIIS FM’s “Kyle and Jackie O Show,” according to Vanity Fair.

“Having not been to the opera before ever in my life, I am sensitive to the etiquette,” he said. “So, we’re sitting down, we’re with Nic’s [Kidman’s] mum, and we’re clapping. It was a bloody great performance, so good, and I’m looking around and we’re cheering and cheering, everybody’s cheering, and then I look around and I see a few people standing and then a few more and I went ‘Oh, bloody hell. I’m getting up.'” (RELATED: Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Slammed After Avoiding Hotel Quarantine In Australia To Live In Mansion)

“So then I stood up and then this guy behind me just whacked Nic, like really hit her with the program,” Urban continued. According to Urban, Kidman yelled, “That guy just hit me!”

Urban joked about the whole incident, calling it a “bit of a pickle.” The radio host then suggested Urban couldn’t simply “throw a roundhouse kick and knock” the guy “out or anything like that.”

“If you can’t stand, you definitely can’t do that,” Urban replied, laughing. “It took a lot of restraint. I was pretty upset. I just looked at him and said, ‘It’s a standing ovation.’ But, at the same time, I get it. I get that there’s this thing going on where there’s a traditional thing that says you don’t do that, and I respect that.”