Arizona Rancher Warns Biden’s Immigration Policy Has ‘Overwhelmed’ Communities

(Photo by GUILLERMO ARIAS/AFP via Getty Images)

Kyle Heckman Contributor
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A rancher from Arizona criticized President Joe Biden’s immigration policies during a Tuesday “Fox and Friends” appearance.

“We got spoiled with Donald Trump.” the rancher, John Ladd, said. Ladd lives in a community located near the Southern Border. Ladd said he witnessed firsthand how the large influx of migrants entering his and other communities overwhelmed border patrol.

Ladd added that the Biden Administration were “letting everybody come now” and that such policies would “ruin our country,” according to Fox News.

“It started before Biden even took office, as soon as the election was over, he promised amnesty to 11 million people. Here they come.”

The surge of migrants came shortly after Biden signed an array of executive orders in his first week. One of those orders was a moratorium on deportation, which critics say had lead to an influx of large migrant caravans, Fox News reported. (RELATED: Florida Attorney General Suing Biden Administration Over Immigration Policies)

When host Brian Kilmeade asked Ladd about those who believe there is no border crisis, the rancher said “They’re living under a rock somewhere. (RELATED: Jen Psaki Avoids Saying There Is ‘A Crisis’ At The Border: ‘I Don’t Think We Need To Meet Your Bar Of What We Need To Call It’)


TOPSHOT – A metal fence marked with the US Border Patrol sign prevents people to get close to the barbed/concertina wire covering the US/Mexico border fence, in Nogales, Arizona, on February 9, 2019. (Photo by Ariana Drehsler / AFP) (Photo credit should read ARIANA DREHSLER/AFP via Getty Images)

Ladd said contractors were working on the construction of the border wall since last April, but “they [the Biden administration] shut them down five weeks ago.”

“You talk about a crime, 300 to 400 people down here in the small towns of Arizona had a good job, we’ve got material laying on the ground, we got a batch plant ready to make concrete but it’s been idle for five weeks,” Ladd said.