Car Salesman Thrown From Hood Of Car After Suspect Fled In Stolen Vehicle, Video Shows

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Police in London, Ontario, are looking for a car thief who almost killed a car salesman.

The unidentified suspect visited a used car dealership on March 3 around 5:40 p.m. and asked to see a 2018 Black BMW M4 that was on the lot, according to police.

A car salesperson accompanied the suspect to check out the vehicle and started the car. The suspect then entered the vehicle and put it in gear, accelerating toward the salesperson, police said.

“The employee jumped onto the hood of the vehicle as the suspect drove out of the lot and eastbound on Oxford Street East,” police said. (RELATED: Emirati Man Arrested For Stealing Rare Baby Camel To Give To Girlfriend For Her Birthday)

Video shows the employee gripping onto the hood of the car as the suspect drives out of the lot and onto the street.

The car salesperson held onto the hood but eventually “slid off” as they approached the highway, police said. Video footage shows the salesperson tumbling in the middle of the street at the BMW speeds away.

The salesperson was later identified by Canada’s CTV as 23-year-old Moe Al-Kaissy.

Al-Kaissy told the outlet the thought he was going to die.

“At one point I had to grab on to the wiper arm because I was sliding off and my feet got dragged onto the street and my shoes got lost – my socks got ripped. My feet are all ripped up right now.”

Al-Kaissy was taken to Middlesex-London Paramedic Services with minor injuries, according to police.

Police are also searching for the silver Audi that the suspect exited from.

The investigation remains ongoing.

Statista estimates that in 2019 there were approximately 231.62 motor vehicle thefts for every 100,000 residents in Canada.