‘They Would Have Perp-Walked Him’: Donald Trump Jr. Says Cuomo Gets Kid-Glove Treatment Because He’s A Democrat

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Donald Trump Jr. said Monday that Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was getting special treatment because of his political affiliation.

Trump joined host Maria Bartiromo on “Fox News Primetime” to discuss the embattled governor’s ongoing investigations into sexual harassment claims, his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, and the bipartisan calls for his resignation or impeachment. (RELATED: ‘Disgusting’: Trump Jr. Criticizes Democrats For Giving ‘Groper In Chief’ Cuomo A Pass)


Bartiromo began with a clip of President Joe Biden, who stopped short of calling on Cuomo to resign, then asked Trump Jr. to respond.

“Listen, it doesn’t surprise me,” Trump Jr. said, noting he had written the book on the phenomenon he called “Liberal Privilege” and arguing that Cuomo was escaping harsher judgment from both the public and the media because he was a Democrat.

“If you have an accusation like these, times what is it now, seven or eight? I have lost track there are so many coming out of the woodwork,” Trump Jr. continued, going on to say there could be many more accusers who were just afraid to come forward.

“But it’s this sort of hypocrisy that goes on. If Andrew Cuomo were a Republican governor, they would have perp walked him into a courthouse by now,” Trump Jr. said. “Beyond the obvious, the sexual harassment allegations you have a few allegations now that seem to go much further than that, there was actually touching involved. That seems to be more like sexual assault to me.”

Trump Jr. also pointed that Cuomo was still under investigation for attempting to cover up the numbers with regard to his nursing home order that put thousands of elderly New Yorkers at increased risk for COVID-19 and may have contributed to 15,000 deaths.

“This guy was made a hero when he seems like he’s maybe the biggest predator in American politics today. And yet that’s what you get if you are a Democrat. You can get away with it. No one is going to hold you accountable,” Trump Jr. added. “The media will give you an Emmy Award while you are either sending Nana to her death or you are groping one of your staffers.”

Trump Jr. concluded by claiming if Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had done the things Cuomo has allegedly done, he would already be in jail.

“There should be equal justice under the law. Right now there is only justice under the law if you are a Republican. You get justice served upon you, usually in a negative way. If you are a Democrat, you get away with whatever you want,” he said.