‘Single Most Disgusting Thing I’ve Ever Witnessed’: Brit Hume Asks Tucker Not To Make Him Relive Kavanaugh Hearing

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume asked Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson not to make him relive Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing.

Hume made a Tuesday appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to discuss Democratic Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse’s assertions that the FBI “faked” an investigation into sexual misconduct accusations against Kavanaugh. (RELATED: Brit Hume: GOP Keeping Senate Would Be ‘The Best Thing That Could Happen’ To Biden If He Wins)


“He recently sent a letter to the attorney general saying the FBI’s 2018 background investigation of Brett Kavanaugh and we are quoting here ‘was perhaps fake,'” Carlson began, introducing Hume and adding, “Some of us accuse the FBI of not being quite on the level of botching investigations, but faking a background investigation into a Supreme Court nominee is pretty big news.”

“Look, I’m glad you wanted to have me on the story, but I hope you won’t ask me to relive that whole nightmare. That was, in my more than 50 years covering the news in Washington, the single most disgusting and disgraceful episode I’ve ever witnessed,” Hume said of Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing. “It was an out and out uncorroborated character assassination of a man who was palpably well qualified for the job of Supreme Court Justice.”

Hume went on to say the accusations had only materialized when it became clear Kavanaugh was going to be confirmed if his qualifications for the position were the only things considered. (RELATED: ‘I Was Completely Radicalized’: Meghan McCain Says Kavanaugh Hearings ‘Changed The Game’ For Republicans)

“The effort was made to undo him by this last-minute allegation by a woman who could not tell even what year he was alleged to have assaulted her, where exactly it happened, how far it was from her home or the club where she said the house was near,” Hume continued.

“When all said and done, it wasn’t even clear that the two people had ever met. It was utterly, utterly unsubstantiated. That is why he ultimately succeeded and is now on the courts. And for Whitehouse to be saying this stuff now is kind of a desperate rearguard action to reinvigorate the case. I don’t think it’s going anywhere,” Hume went on to say he believed the FBI had conducted the necessary background checks and any investigation would likely bear that out.

Carlson asked Hume why he thought Whitehouse would even make an attempt to bring the topic up again.

“Well, look, he is a liberal senator. The Supreme Court is now a majority of judicial conservatives. That is disagreeable to the Sheldon Whitehouses of the world,” Hume said. “And what could be better than to take another stab at dislodging him from the court.”