Joy Reid Accuses Ted Cruz Of Making An ‘Ironic Pro-White Supremacist Argument’ Against Democrat Voting Laws

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MSNBC host Joy Reid accused Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz of making an “ironic pro-white supremacist argument” when he argued against the Democrats’ “For The People Act.”

“This bill is the single most dangerous bill this committee has ever considered,” Cruz said about H.R. 1, also called the For The People Act. “This bill is designed to corrupt the election process permanently, and it is a brazen and shameless power grab by Democrats.” He also said the bill would “promote widespread fraud and illegal voting.” (RELATED: 125 Democrats And 1 Republican Vote To Lower Voting Age To 16)


“Apparently, the Democrats have determined that if millions of illegal aliens get to vote, if millions of criminals get to vote, that that will benefit Democrats because they understand that criminals and illegal aliens are much, much likely to vote for Democrats,” Cruz added.

“Given the fact that Ted Cruz is a man of color, this is probably the most ironic pro-white supremacist argument I have ever heard about voting,” Reid said on Wednesday’s broadcast of “The ReidOut.”

Reid then claimed Cruz was “boldly” making the argument that “people of color who might be allowed to vote are basically just a bunch of criminals and that the only reason Democrats want people to vote is that they think they’re going to handout voting cards to the undocumented.” She added that undocumented immigrants should be allowed to vote if they become U.S. citizens.

“The ReidOut” guest Eric Holder, chairman of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, chimed in, saying Republicans were against the bill because they want to hold on to “power.”

“They’ll try to say it’s all about voting fraud,” Holder said. “They’ve been saying this stuff about voter fraud for decades now without any proof that there is any widespread voter fraud. Study after study has shown that to be a false claim.”

H.R. 1 contains provisions such as automatic voter registration for 16-year-olds, ending voter I.D. requirements, legalizing ballot harvesting and giving felons the right to vote.