Chris Wallace Grills Psaki On Democrats’ Filibuster Policy Shift: Is It ‘Racist’ When Used Against Tim Scott?

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Fox News anchor Chris Wallace pointed out how Democrats, including President Joe Biden, have shifted their position on the filibuster of late during a “Fox News Sunday” interview with White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

Wallace introduced the topic by playing a clip of Biden criticizing the Senate procedure, which, if invoked by either party, requires 60 votes to move forward on legislation, followed by the president defending the filibuster while a senator from Delaware.

The Fox News anchor went on to point out that Republican South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott’s police reform bill was blocked by Democratic filibusters.

“So, is the filibuster racist? Is it wrong?” Wallace asked.


“As the president said just last week, Chris, it’s been abused, and in the first 50 years of the filibuster being around, it was used about 50 times,” Psaki responded, adding that the procedure was used “five times that many last year” while omitting the fact that Democrats were the ones filibustering bills in 2020.

The White House press secretary argued that an “easy solution” would be Republicans agreeing to “come to the table.” (RELATED: Al Sharpton Plans To Campaign Against Democrats Supporting Filibuster By Accusing Them Of Supporting Racism)

“I just want to point out, because some people noted it after the news conference, if you’re talking about abuse of the filibuster over the last two years, that the Democrats were in the minority, so they were the ones abusing it,” Wallace said before moving to another topic.