Young Female Influencer From Japan Revealed To Be 50-Year-Old Man Using Face Filters


Elizabeth Louise Contributor
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A supposedly young, female influencer with thousands of followers revealed that they were actually a middle-aged man after some Twitter followers became skeptical of his identity.

The Japanese influencer, who goes by Souya no Sohi or Azusagakuyuki and has more than 25,000 followers, revealed that he was actually a 50-year-old man who was using a photo filter, Business Insider reported.

Prior to Souya’s announcement, several followers had raised concerns as to the identity of the influencer after seeing his reflection in the mirror, Gizmodo reported.

The influencer later explained to television program “Monday Late Show” that he had begun posting as a female in order to attract more likes and followers, Hi Net reported. (RELATED: Instagram Influencer Freddie Bentley Wants Less World War II Education)

Souya reportedly explained in an interview that he uses “retouching software” on the photos because “no one wanted to see” him and that social media users only “wanted to see beautiful women” instead, according to Hi Net.

Despite this revelation, most of the influencers’ followers reportedly seem to still be showing support, claiming that everyone already knew he was a guy and didn’t care, according to Business Insider.