Reporter Chases Dog After Pup Steals Her Microphone Live On Camera And Takes Off

(Photo: Twitter/Screenshot/Public-User: Ali Ozkok)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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A Russian reporter ended up chasing down a dog in the middle of her live shot after the pup straight up stole her microphone while she was on camera.

In the video posted on Twitter on Friday by journalist Ali Ozkok, we can see the reporter standing against some kind of wall while talking on camera and holding a bright green, blue and yellow microphone. (RELATED: ESPN Sideline Reporter Gets Jacked Up By Two Players. The Video Is Unreal)

Then all of the sudden, a large golden retriever looking-dog appears in the shot and jumped up and took her mic. (RELATED: Chelsea Handler Says Reporters Should ‘Boycott Covering The WH’ Over ‘Altered’ Video Involving Acosta)


The reporter clearly looked shocked after the dog grabbed her mic and the pup took off running. The station then goes to a two shot showing both the reporter running away in one part of the screen and the anchor on the desk looking just as shocked about what she was witnessing.

The female reporter didn’t even think about continuing her report and took off running after the dog at full speed.

The video then cuts back to the anchor at the desk so it is unclear if she ever caught up to the dog or got her microphone back.