Watch CNN’s Jim Acosta Justify $2 Trillion ‘Infrastructure’ Deal By Bellyaching About Wifi On His Trips Between DC And NYC

(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

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CNN anchor Jim Acosta complained about not being able to get WiFi on the Acela train to justify spending at least $2 trillion on the “serious infrastructure problems” in the United States.

Acosta began by saying that infrastructure week during the Trump era was a “joke.” He talked about President Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill by demanding a high-speed train where he can connect to WiFi without issues.

“As far as I’m concerned, can we just have a damn high-speed train in this country?” he said on CNN Sunday morning. “I mean, can I please get to New York from Washington without problems on the Acela? And can I get on the Wifi by the way when I ride the train and have that not be a problem?” (RELATED: Climate Experts Say Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Filled With ‘Wasteful Spending’ On Green Agenda)


“We have some major infrastructure problems in this country … I’ve been traveling down South and out West and there’s still parts of this country where they can’t get access to the internet,” Acosta continued.

The CNN anchor said that a lot of people need to go online in order to schedule an appointment to get their coronavirus vaccine, but some people including the elderly may not have access to the internet or be able to use the internet very well.

“And I think that is a major problem,” he added. “So we have huge infrastructure needs in this country, our airports, our roads, our bridges are nowhere near where they are in other parts of the world, and I think we need to recognize that as well.”

Biden introduced the American Jobs Plan, a massive $2 trillion infrastructure bill, on Wednesday in Pennsylvania. The bill would be funded mainly by raising the corporate tax rate to what it was before the Trump administration, according to senior administration officials.