‘We Should Demand To Know Now’: Tucker Carlson Rips Federal Government For ‘Hiding’ Actual Illegal Immigration Numbers

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Brandon Gillespie Media Reporter
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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson ripped the federal government on Monday for “hiding” the actual number of illegal immigrants crossing the border and those currently residing in the U.S.

Carlson tore into the “lies” surrounding the crisis at the southern border during the broadcast of his show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, and said “we should demand to know now” what the real numbers are and why they’re “hiding” them. (RELATED: ‘Purposefully Withholding That Information’: Rep. Henry Cuellar Says Biden Admin Isn’t Sharing Real Border Numbers)

Carlson began by stating that his team was referred to Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) officials by Fort Bliss when they inquired about the number of migrants living on the military base, to which they provided no numbers. He then said that HHS assured them that no military personnel would be staffing the site or providing care. He added that it was “a lie” for them to say that because his team spoke to someone “with direct knowledge” of the situation because they just had a relative deploy there “to take care of illegal aliens.”

“As of today, the military has constructed at least six enormous tents at Fort Bliss, each of which will house approximately 1,000 illegal aliens. More tents are coming,” Carlson continued. “They’ve been told they are not allowed to take photographs of these tents. Those tents are now national security secrets, like missile silos. Why are they hiding this? So they can lie to the rest of us.”

He went on to say that some details about what’s happening at the border have been leaked, including that the border patrol detained two Yemeni nationals who “were on the federal terror watch list” crossing into California from Mexico. “So it’s not just willing workers … who are taking advantage of the total chaos that Joe Biden has unleashed along our border,” he added.

“And that raises the question, how many potential terrorists have crossed the border in the last three months and not been caught? That’s a fair question. How many gang members have? How many rapists and murderers?” Carlson continued. “You can say that you’re not allowed to ask that question, but of course you are. If you live in this country, you should be asking that question. It’s not racist to wonder. It’s real.”

He then asked how many pounds of fentanyl have crossed over the border and how many more Americans will die because of it, before saying “the truth is, we don’t know.” He stated “we do know Washington lies about numbers constantly,” and that they tell us “there are 11 million foreign nationals living in the United States.” He claimed “the real number” is actually three times more than that.

“Sources familiar with internal Customs and Border Protection data have confirmed to Fox News that officers so far have encountered 171,000 illegal immigrants in the month of March alone. In one month. That’s a 418% increase from March of last year,” Carlson said. “But that does not represent the total of people who crossed over. Those are the ones who were caught. Those are just the ones that we know about. The real number is higher, much higher.”

“How high is it? It’s high enough to change this country forever in every conceivable way. It’s high enough to devalue your political power as a voter. It’s high enough to subvert democracy itself. It’s high enough to make this country a different place,” he concluded, “But, again, we don’t know the number. Why is that? We have absolutely the right to know. We should demand to know now.”