Biden Says It’s ‘Reassuring’ To See Corporations Boycott Georgia, Acknowledges Workers Get Hurt

Fox Business

Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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President Joe Biden said it is “reassuring” to see corporations like Major League Baseball (MLB) boycott Georgia over its new voter law Tuesday, going on to acknowledge, however, the boycotts often hurt workers the most.

Biden made the comment in response to questions from reporters at the White House on Tuesday. He had previously said he supported the MLB’s decision to move its all-star game out of Atlanta over the new law, which he claims is a new version of “Jim Crow.” He said boycotting is a difficult decision for corporations to make due to the main cost coming at the hands of low-wage workers. Nevertheless, he said he is “reassured” by the MLB’s actions.

“Mr. President, do you think the Masters golf tournament should be moved out of Georgia?” Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked.

“I think that’s up to the Masters. Look, you know, it is reassuring to that for-profit operations and businesses are speaking up about how these new Jim Crow laws are just antithetical to who we are,” Biden said. “The other side to it too is when they in fact move out of Georgia, the people who need the help the most, the people who are making hourly wages sometimes get hurt the most.”

“I think it’s a very tough decision for a corporation to make … but I respect them when they make that judgement and I support whatever judgement they make,” he added.


Republicans have hammered Biden and Democrats for their support for companies boycotting the state.

Former President Donald Trump also released a statement Saturday evening calling on supporters to boycott companies that publicly opposed the the new voting law. The law requires that absentee voters provide proof of I.D. and also prohibits third-party groups from handing out water and concessions to people in line at polling places.

Many companies in Georgia have bowed to pressure and come out against the legislation, including Coca-Cola and the MLB. (RELATED: Here Are All The 2022 Candidates Donald Trump Has Endorsed)

“For years the Radical Left Democrats have played dirty by boycotting products when anything from that company is done or stated in any way that offends them. Now they are going big time with WOKE CANCEL CULTURE and our sacred elections,” Trump said Saturday. “It is finally time for Republicans and Conservatives to fight back—we have more people than they do—by far! Boycott Major League Baseball, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, JPMorgan Chase, ViacomCBS, Citigroup, Cisco, UPS, and Merck. Don’t go back to their products until they relent. We can play the game better than them.”