‘A Bunch Of Black Men Have Been Attacking Asians,’ CNN Tech Director Appears To Say In Veritas Video

Screenshot/Project Veritas

Brandon Gillespie Media Reporter
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Project Veritas released a video Thursday in which CNN technical director, Charlie Chester, appears to say that attacks on Asian Americans harm the Black Lives Matter movement.

In the video, Chester is seen sitting opposite an unidentified journalist from Project Veritas and appears to express his disappointment in attacks against Asians perpetrated by “black men” because he claims, “The optics of that are not good.”(RELATED: Project Veritas’ Alleged CNN Tapes Show Senior VP Suggesting Cubans Like Trump Because They’re ‘Very Attracted To Bullies’)

Multiple industry experts told The Daily Caller that a news organization’s “technical director” doesn’t typically have much insight into editorial operations of the organization and that they usually are involved with technical aspects of shows, such as sound, lighting, and camera work.

“I was trying to do some research on, like, the Asian hate, like the people are getting attacked and what not. A bunch of black men that have been attacking Asians, so I’m like, what are you doing? Like, we’re trying to help, like, with the BLM,” Chester is appears to say in the video. “I mean it’s individuals, it’s not a people, you know? But that’s not good. The optics of that are not good. These little things like that are enough to set back movements, you know?”

He went on to state that “conservatives” latch on when attacks like that happen and create stories that “criminalize an entire people” over the actions of a few.

He then claimed that “you can shape an entire people’s perception about anything” simply by “forcing a story to help your platform.”