‘Prohibited By Every Agency’: Fraternal Order Of Police Is Not Impressed By Joy Behar’s ‘Warning Shot’ Suggestion


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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The National Fraternal Order of Police fired back Thursday at “The View” host Joy Behar after she suggested police officers should fire warning shots before shooting suspects.

“.@joyvbehar, if you’re going to comment on police matters, have the decency to educate yourself first. You owe it to your viewers,” the organization tweeted. “Warning shots are prohibited by every agency in this country. Also, you might want to take a physics lesson… what goes up, must come down.”

Behar made the suggestion earlier in the day on “The View” during a conversation about the Columbus, Ohio, confrontation that led to police officer Nicholas Reardon shooting Ma’Khia Bryant as she charged another girl with a knife.

“He said the cop had no choice … and my feeling is I don’t know if that’s true or not,” Behar began. (RELATED: ‘This Is An Invasion Of My Privacy’: Joy Behar Is ‘Totally Against’ Unvaccinated People Being Allowed Near Her)

“I’ve looked at the tape and I still can’t figure it out. Shoot the gun in the air, warning, tase a person, shoot them in the leg, shoot them in the behind. Stop them somehow,” Behar continued. “But if the only solution is to kill a teenager, there’s something wrong with this.”


Behar was far from the only media personality to suggest such an action. Fox News’ Juan Williams argued on Thursday’s “The Five” that if he were the officer involved, he would try to fire the gun as a distraction to buy time in order to disarm the suspect.