‘I’ll Get Into Trouble For This’: Joy Behar Floats Crazy Theory On Why Royals Protect Prince Andrew Over Prince Harry


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joy Behar floated a crazy theory on the royal family during Wednesday’s broadcast of “The View,” suggesting a possible reason that they seemed reluctant to protect Prince Harry.

“I’ll get into trouble for this,” Behar said before saying that the royals might distance themselves from Harry if he were not Prince Charles’ biological son. (RELATED: ‘Really Hard To Watch’: Meghan McCain Compares Meghan And Harry To ‘Ex-Cult Members’ After Oprah Interview)


Co-host Meghan McCain mentioned a tweet she saw following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, drawing attention to the fact that Prince Andrew had largely escaped scrutiny for his alleged involvement with  Jeffrey Epstein.

“I saw a tweet yesterday. ‘How about instead of Oprah interviewing Meghan, how about we have the police interview Prince Andrew?’ I don’t understand why he continues to get a pass. I think he should be interviewed by the FBI, about the allegation he’s a pedophile that had sex you know with underage girls,” McCain said.

“We know he denies it, but the allegations are quite incendiary, and there are photos with Jeffrey Epstein. I think that’s where the Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s arguments are the strongest. Why is he so protected when they weren’t, and there’s no good answer for that.”

Behar jumped in then, saying she had a theory as to why that was, but she warned that it was likely to ruffle some feathers.

“This will get me into — I’ll get into trouble for this, but I’ve said it before. What if Harry is not Charles’ actual biological son, and Andrew is?” Behar asked.

“Is that a theory?” McCain asked.

“It’s a rumor. It’s a rumor and I’m saying it’s a rumor. He doesn’t look like his father. He looks like that other guy. I’m just saying,” Behar continued.

“I’ve never heard that,” McCain replied.

“That would answer the question. That would answer the question. They protect the blood, okay?” Behar pushed back. “Just saying. You can go after me for this one. It’s a rumor.”