Conservative Bishop: BLM ‘Worse Than COVID’ And Its Leaders Are ‘Out Of Sync With The Word Of God’

(Youtube / E.W. Jackson)

Jesse Stiller Contributor
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Bishop E.W. Jackson harshly criticized the Black Lives Matter movement, calling it “worse than COVID” and that it would have damaging impacts on the country.

Jackson appeared on his podcast, “The Awakening” to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement, calling it a “cultural virus” and was worse than the current COVID pandemic poses, Newsweek reported Monday.

“COVID is a medical problem and a disease problem that is going to run its course,” Jackson said during the podcast according to Newsweek. “I think Black Lives Matter could so infect the culture of our country, so divide us racially that it could take a generation to undo the damage they are doing.”

Jackson also called out the leaders of the movement as being “out of sync with the word of God” and not actually caring about the people who they claim to represent, Newsweek reported.

Jackson specifically criticized Black Lives Matter co-founder, Patrisse Cullors, calling her a “trained Marxist.” He added that he believed Marxists or communists “are a threat to our national security” and questioned their loyalty to the United States. (RELATED: ‘You Are Traitors’: BLM Protesters Storm Into State Capitol To Protest Law Protecting Motorists From Rioters)

Cullors has recently faced criticism for profiting off of the Black Lives Matter movement, including owning four personal homes and earning $20,000 a month as a chairwoman of a Los Angeles jail reform group.

“Folks, these are serious questions that have got to be asked in the interest of American national security.” Jackson concluded.