‘You Want To Talk About Ignorant A**holes?’: Hannity Hits Back At Jimmy Kimmel For Going After Caitlyn Jenner

Hannity Calls Out Kimmel On The Sean annity Show. Screenshot. Fox News.

Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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Fox News anchor Sean Hannity hit back at Jimmy Kimmel Monday after the late-night talk show host called gubernatorial hopeful Caitlyn Jenner an “ignorant a-hole.”

“Jimmy, what is with all the anger and all the cheap shots? Yeah, if you haven’t noticed, homeless people [are] all over your state,” Hannity said on his program. (RELATED: ‘Ignorant A-Hole’: Jimmy Kimmel Rails Against Caitlyn Jenner Following Hannity Interview On CA Homeless Population)

Kimmel called Jenner an “ignorant a-hole” on his late-night show after the former Olympic gold medalist said “homelessness is rampant through the state.”

“I can’t take it here anymore,” Jenner had previously stated. “I can’t walk down the street and see the homeless.”

Jenner is running for governor of California as a Republican against Democratic incumbent Gov. Gavin Newsome.

“Is it transphobic to call a trans person an ignorant a-hole?” Kimmel joked.

Hannity questioned if Kimmel had “anything better to do” before showing a picture of the late-night talk show in blackface, dressed as retired NBA player Carl Malone.

“And check this out: this is you, an ignorant a-hole, when you had a cucumber in your pants during the man show,” Hannity added. “And maybe your bosses at Disney can talk you out of your bad behavior. You talk about my show? I’ll hit you back 50 times harder.”