10 Pet Accessories Your Pup Is Sure To Love

Emily Lynch Contributor
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Our pets have become regular members of most of our families. They provide us with companionship, love, and affection. Therefore, there’s nothing we wouldn’t do to make our pets happy. That’s why we’ve done the research and found 10 dog accessories that are sure to be your next purchase. Be sure to check out the items below:

BarkBox Tufted Soft Foam Dog Bed

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This Amazon Choice product will provide a comfy place for your pup to sleep and relax. Made with a tufted foam mattress that allows for maximum airflow and minimum heat retention, your dog will never want to get up! The best part about this bed is that it is machine washable, making for an easy clean-up. Pets can get pretty messy, but that’s no problem for this BarkBox product.

Get it here for only $32.99!

Good’N’Fun Triple Flavored Rawhide Kabobs

Get an 18-count kabob pack for just $7.74!

FOCUSPET Dog Bed Cat Bed Donut

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This pet bed has nearly 5,000 5-star reviews from customers around the country. Listen to what one customer had to say about this super calming, fuzzy bed:

“My miniature dachshund just loves this bed. Soon as I took it out of the box she didn’t even give me time to fluff it and set it out for her. She jumped right in it and start being silly then laid down in it. So for my pup, it was love at first sight. This bed is so soft in many ways. My pup always looks so comfortable in it.”

Get it here for just $27.99!

PetAmi Dog Travel Bag

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If you’re planning a trip with your pet but haven’t figured out where you’re going to put all of their accessories, we’ve got the solution for you. Put everything from toys and food to waste bags and extra treats with this convenient travel pack. Plus, it’s airline compliant for hassle-free travel.

Get it here for just $37.99!

White Paw Dog Toys

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This “White Paw” toy is a hilarious way for your pup to play! While you sit back relaxing all summer with a White Claw in hand, why not give your dog the same luxury?

Get it here for just $14.99!

Deer Antler Dog Chews – 100% All-Natural Dog Chew Toy Deer Antler Pieces

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These authentic deer antlers are a simple, clean way for your pup of all ages to play. These 100% real antlers leave absolutely no mess or odor, making it the perfect chew toy for your dog. Antlers are naturally durable, so if you’re looking for a toy that will provide long-lasting enjoyment for your pup, look no further. Your purchase will come with three to six antler pieces.

Get it here for $23.99. But hurry, there’s only a few left!

Zuke’s Hemp Naturals Calming Dog Treats

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These hemp dog treats are made right here in the USA. Zuke’s uses high-quality, fresh ingredients as well as 3.5 MG of hemp extract per bite. If your pet is naturally anxious or high-strung, feed them the tasty treats that will help them relax with Zuke’s Hemp Naturals Dog Treats.

Get it here for only $28.70!

Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl – Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

This Amazon Choice Product will stop your pet from devouring their meals too quickly. Some dogs tend to consume their meals so quickly, they become victims of obesity, regurgitation, and bloating. This bowl will help slow them down when eating their food. A healthy lifestyle is all about pacing yourself, even for our pets.

Get it here for only $10.76!

Nudges Natural Dog Treats

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This #1 best-selling treat is made from beef raised right here in the USA. Nudges never includes any corn, soy, wheat, or animal by-products. These treats will be undoubtedly adored by your pup.

Get it here for only $19.32!

KONG – Classic Dog Toy

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If you’ve ever owned a puppy before, you’ve probably heard of the KONG toy. Stuff this toy with treats, peanut butter, or any other tasty treat your pet loves, and let them at it! The KONG will keep them busy for hours as they try to get the treat out. Not only this, but it also helps encourage healthy teething practices, weight management skills, heals separation anxiety, and helps cure excessive digging and barking.

Get it here for only $10.99!


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