Rep. Donalds Rips Journalist Calling Him ‘The Other Black Republican’

(Photo by Stefani Reynolds/Getty Images)

Matthew Brooks Contributor
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Republican Florida Rep. Byron Donalds snapped back at Salon journalist Sophia Tesfaye for calling him “the other black republican” on Friday.

Donalds slammed Tesfaye’s comments about Republican Utah Rep. Burgess Owens, who had written a letter to the Department of Education about critical race theory and how it might violate the 1964 Civil Rights Act. “What about the other Black Republican in the House? He didn’t want to argue that discussing systemic racism is a violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act?” Tesfaye’s tweet read.

Donalds responded, saying, “Since you struggle with the basics of Journalism 101, let’s start here: Who: Me, ‘the other Black Republican,’ Rep. Byron Donalds to you What: Doing MY job When: 24/ 7/ 365 Where: ‘In the House’ Why: Aren’t you doing yours? How: Am I schooling a ‘journalist’ on a Friday?”

This is not the first time the freshman Florida congressman has found his name in the headlines. In an interview with Politico, he said that didn’t believe that systemic racism existed in the U.S. Donalds also told the Daily Caller in an exclusive interview that America is “absolutely not” a racist nation. (RELATED: Rep. Byron Donalds Flames Democrats’ ‘Race Baiting’ Narrative On Georgia Election Bill)

“One hundred years ago, if you had told me there was systemic racism in the United States, I would’ve said absolutely there was,” Donalds said. “Systemic and institutionalized racism today in the United States. No, no.”

He is one of two black Republicans in the House, with the other being Rep. Owens, who is set to introduce legislation fighting critical race theory in federal institutions, according to documents obtained by the Caller.