‘Adopt-A-Gang-Banger’: Greg Gutfeld Has A Solution For Democrats Who Don’t Want Gang Members Deported

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld proposed a solution Tuesday for Democrats who have called for fewer deportations of illegal immigrants.

Gutfeld argued on “The Five” that members of Congress like Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has said that gang membership should not be grounds for deportation, could solve the problem by participating in a mock charity program aimed at adopting gang members. (RELATED: Greg Gutfeld Pans ‘Joe And Kamala’s Awful Adventure’: ‘The 1970s Called, They Want Their Unmitigated Disasters Back’)


Cohost Juan Williams argued that too many politicians were adding their own agendas to the problem, and that the end result was no real solution.

Gutfeld responded by noting that some Democrats were calling not only for no deportations but for no jailing either — and then proposed his own solution.

“So I have two solutions because Juan asked for solutions,” Gutfeld began. “If you are a Democrat and feel strongly about not deporting gang members, I have an Adopt-a-Gang-Banger charity. For just 350 bucks a month you can adopt a gang banger, okay? Each week you are going to get a photo and a handwritten letter from the gang banger telling you who he has assaulted and raped and murdered, and in three months he could be yours to live at your house.”

Gutfeld was careful to remind everyone not to refer to these gang members as “animals” before he went on to introduce his second idea.

“I call this the Idiot Thug Exchange Program and it works like this. We will keep one of your thugs as long as they are under 25,” Gutfeld said, noting that as long as they were young there might be hope for rehabilitation. “In return you get two far left media academics who are over 25 because they aren’t — there is no ability to rehab them because the ideas are so poisoned in their brain they come up with really stupid ideas.”

“I will take a gang banger over a gender studies professor in a heart beat,” he concluded. “Not maybe as a next door neighbor.”