‘Imagine If Trump Had Said That’: Jesse Watters And Dagen McDowell Say Reporters Would Have Seen Biden’s Joke As A Threat From Trump

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Jesse Watters and Dagen McDowell said Tuesday that a joke from President Joe Biden would likely have been viewed as a threat from former President Joe Biden.

During a segment of Fox News’ “The Five,” Watters and McDowell responded to Biden’s joke suggesting he might run over a reporter who wanted to ask a question. (RELATED: ‘Slipping Into Hacktastic Irrelevancy’: Dagen McDowell Says No One Is Waiting For Fauci’s Permission To Go Out)


“Dagen McDowell, here is the president playing around, having a little fun with the press and the car. Roll the tape,” Watters began.

Biden could be seen in the video behind the wheel of an electric Ford F-150, and a reporter asked whether he would answer a quick question.

“No, you can’t. Not unless you get in front of the car as I step on it,” Biden laughed, adding, “I’m only teasing.”

“Imagine if Trump said that? It’s actually funny,” Watters responded, turning to McDowell.

“That’s what I was going to say, all those reporters would have been he is joking about people killed in the Gaza — the Hamas-Israel conflict and he is threatening to run over a member of the White House Press Corps?” McDowell asked. “They would have been clutching their chests laid out on the asphalt, except for Jim Acosta standing in front of the TV reporting about how President Trump is trying to basically kill members of the press.”

“It’s nice to see that Joe Biden has a little bit of giggle in his giddy up still left, so to speak,” McDowell continued.

She went on to argue that his push toward more electric vehicles was not likely to succeed, however, noting that the price point was still too high for most Americans to consider.

“The government has spent billions upon billions of dollars in subsidies to get people to buy electric vehicles. And every year, year after year, they still represent only 2% of all vehicles sold because the break through technology is not there,” McDowell added.