NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Continues His Press Briefing Shenanigans

(Credit: Twitter Screenshot Mayor Bill de Blasio https://twitter.com/NYCMayor/status/1394658747205701635)

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Someone needs to come get New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio because he’s up to his press briefing shenanigans again.

This time de Blasio showed up to Tuesday’s press briefing wearing a Brooklyn Nets jersey under his blue button down shirt and a matching hat.


“It’s the fourth quarter of the #COVID fight- time to call in the @BrooklyNets,” De Blasio captioned a clip from his press briefing. (RELATED: Mayor Bill De Blasio Talks With His Mouth Full As He Munches On Fries During Press Briefing)

The get up seemingly was worn to announce the location of a new mobile vaccination site. If you get vaccinated outside of the Barclays Center, you get free Brooklyn Nets merchandise and once you’re fully vaccinated, you have the opportunity to win playoff tickets.

NYC is really trying hard with these incentives to get vaccinated.

I will admit, this Brooklyn Nets get up is not as bad as de Blasio eating fries and a burger during a press briefing. That one still stands as his worse yet. We’ll have to keep an eye on de Blasio because I have a feeling the press briefing shenanigans aren’t done just yet.