Don Lemon Claims Democratic Party Is The Only One ‘Living In Reality’ And Also That He Is A ‘Journalist’

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CNN host Don Lemon slammed the Republican party on CNN Friday, saying that they are not “operating in reality” and are “obsolete.”

“Well, right now, the person who is in the White House is a Democrat,” Lemon said. “The people who are in charge of Congress are Democrats. The people who are in the majority, slightly, in the Senate, are Democrats. The only party, now, that is operating in reality, is the Democratic party.” (RELATED: ‘Egregious And Insulting’: Don Lemon Battles With Chris Cuomo For Bringing Rick Santorum On His Show)

“The Republican party is obsolete,” he continued. “The Republican party is not dealing and living in reality. So, you cannot negotiate with a party that doesn’t operate on logic.”

He said that people need to “challenge the Republican party more” and that the GOP needs to be “restructured,” but that he doesn’t believe that the party can be changed.

“And so, I don’t know what the answer is when it comes to the Republican party,” Lemon added. “I think at this point, it needs to be restructured, and perhaps Americans who want this country to be a country that is sane and rational and equitable and equal, that perhaps they need to challenge the Republican party more.” (RELATED: Don Lemon Opposes The Name Calling But Not The Sentiment When Democratic Leader Calls Tim Scott An ‘Oreo’)

Lemon also insisted that he is a “journalist” and “not a political person.”

“I think that it has gone way too far, and it’s just sad to see,” he said. “Listen, again, I’m not a political person, I’m a person who lives in reality, I’m a journalist, I can see and I can hear and I can think and there is no reason to believe that the Republicans are going to start playing fairly and are going to start operating as a party of sanity.”