Tammy Duckworth Takes Aim At Ted Cruz Over His ‘Emasculated Military’ Comment

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Democratic Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth went after Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz over his claim that the United States military was being emasculated.

“Holy crap,” Duckworth tweeted Thursday evening. “Perhaps a U.S. Senator shouldn’t suggest that the *Russian* military is better than the American military that protected him from an insurrection he helped foment?” (RELATED: ‘Nothing Mitch McConnell Loves More’: Meghan McCain Says Tammy Duckworth Is Playing Into GOP’s Hands)

Cruz had tweeted his comment hours earlier, saying, “Holy crap. Perhaps a woke, emasculated military is not the best idea….”

The Texas senator was responding to a video that compared recruitment videos for the Russian Army and the United States Army side by side.

And Cruz was hardly alone in his response to the comparison.