‘Siding With The Communist Party’: Dagen McDowell Blasts Media For Blowing Off Lab Leak Theory Because Republicans Brought It Up

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox Business host Dagen McDowell laid into media during Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Five,” saying a lot of people had written off a lab leak as the possible origin of coronavirus because it was a theory promoted by Republicans.

McDowell pointed out that a number of Republicans — most notably Republican Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton — had suggested the virus had likely leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology and had summarily been dismissed as conspiracy theorists. (RELATED: ‘Those Neanderthals Really Knew What They Were Doing’: Dagen McDowell Mocks Joe Biden As Texas Death Rate Plummets)


“This is one of the biggest stories certainly in my lifetime,” McDowell began. “And to quote Greg Gutfeld, ‘Common sense is the enemy of ideologues,’ especially stupid and lazy ideologues. And I mean the media.”

McDowell went on to say that from the very beginning of the pandemic, people on Fox News and Fox Business had been talking about the Wuhan virology lab and the possibility that they were doing experiments with bat coronaviruses.

“We knew that. But what was the media doing? Siding with the Communist Party of China instead of a sitting U.S. Senator, Tom Cotton, who was talking about this virology lab more than a year ago,” McDowell continued. “So that’s where the media is and they are still doing it.”

McDowell then pointed out the fact that Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy had asked press secretary Jen Psaki about the possibility that COVID-19 had leaked from a lab.

“That idiot site, what is it, Media-itis, was writing mocking stories about Peter Doocy and today the whole White House press corps is trying to ask Jen Psaki about this,” McDowell concluded. “This is one of the biggest stories of our lifetime but oooh, Trump, that bad dictator in charge, meantime three and a half million people are dead because of Communist China and a virus that likely came from that lab.”