Hotel Customer Called A ‘Dumb Democrat,’ ‘Idiot’ During Toilet Dispute, Video Shows

(Screenshot/Jennifer Tylka Biela via Facebook)

Andrew Jose Contributor
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A mother and her children were kicked out of a hotel in Michigan after their toilet flooded the room. The employee who kicked them out has been suspended.

The customer, Jennifer Tylka Biela, recorded videos of her conversation with an employee at the hotel’s front desk and posted at least parts of them on Facebook, Newsweek reported Wednesday. 

In her post on Facebook, Biela claimed she was on a trip with her children and arrived in Mackinaw City, Michigan, at the Crown Choice Inn and Suites. (RELATED: Hotel Owners Are Being Strangled By COVID Eviction Moratoriums)

The first of three clips she uploaded begins with Biela heard telling the employee “I was laying in bed with my children and your bathroom started flooding.”

The man at the desk interjects, saying, “You rented the room, it’s your bathroom now … you’re responsible for that room,” the video shows. 

“No, I’m not,” Biela says in response, according to the clip. The man then calls her an “idiot” and a “dumb Democrat” before asking her to get out of the hotel, according to the video.


“You stop being an idiot and start thinking with your mind, OK? Stop being a Democrat — a dumb Democrat — and go to your room, pack your stuff and leave,” he said on camera. 

After Biela said that she is not paying for the room, the employee says, “OK, you’re all set, then leave. If you think I’m not going to charge you then leave. I’m charging you,” the video shows.

“For what?” Biela asks in the video.

“For rent and for damages, if there are any damages,” he responds. “I asked you to shut the water, you refused.”

Biela then claims in the video that she did not refuse to turn off the water but instead asked how to do so since she did not know how to do it herself. The man is shown in the video responding by saying, “I also told you that, you idiot.”

A snapshot of the report said that Biela “damaged the room and property by flooding the room with the toilet and leaving the water on.”

“You’re causing damages and you’re not going to pay for it … that’s a stupid answer. You’re an idiot,” the man is caught further saying in the second clip that Biela uploaded. “When you get the police report you’ll come to your senses.”


When the woman asks him, “have you always been like this?” he says, “Leave! It’s better for you, dumbass. Leave!” the video shows.

“Irresponsible, pieces of shit,” the man is heard saying in the third clip.

Crown Choice Inn owner Enzo Lieghio said that the employee seen calling the customer names in the video has been suspended from his position, WWTV reported.

“[The employee has] been with us for 25 years,” Lieghio said, according to WWTV. “He is a cousin of ours, but that doesn’t mean anybody can do whatever they want. Right now we have mandated that he go through some customer service classes.” 

The hotel apologized to Biela earlier on Wednesday, offering her and her family a free stay and offered Biela and her family a free stay, but Biela “isn’t sure that would be a good idea,” the CBS affiliate reported.

“I’m so sorry that certain individuals are causing certain issues and harming the reputation, but I [w]ouldn’t be able to do that to my kids,” she said, according to WWTV.

Biela also reportedly said that she posted the video to warn people about her experience; she did not expect the video would reach the level of attention it did.

Lieghio also hoped that this incident will not significantly injure Mackinaw City’s reputation

“We would hope that people would continue to return to Mackinaw City and this doesn’t tarnish the great reputation Mackinaw City has had for so many years that even our family has helped build,” Lieghio reportedly said.