Former Bond Girl Britt Ekland Opens Up About Her Plastic Surgery Fails

(Photo by Ian Jacobs/Getty Images)

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Former Bond girl Britt Ekland opened up about her plastic surgery fails during an interview Wednesday with Platinum Magazine, the Daily Mail noted.

“Everyone has the right to choose [surgery],” Ekland reportedly told the outlet. “I did all of that in my 50s but wouldn’t consider it again. I have no desire to look any different than I am.”

Ekland revealed she had a “lip-plumping” procedure done in Paris. (RELATED: Cardi B Goes Off On Plastic Surgery Critics: ‘I Do Whatever The F*ck I Want To Do With My Body’)

“Felt like I’d ruined my face,” she said about her experience with the fillers. “I feel great now, better than I have for many years… getting older happens to everyone,” Ekland said, the Daily Mail noted. “It’s pointless complaining about it or wishing you could change.”

“We’re all going in one direction and there is nothing we can do about that.. It’s just about looking after yourself while on that journey.”

Ekland went to another doctor to have the fillers taken out, according to an interview she did with Loose Moments, Daily Mail reported.

“It destroyed my looks and ruined my face,” Ekland reportedly said at the time. “It was the biggest mistake of my life.”

“When I look at photographs of myself before I had it done, I looked very good. I can see that now, but I couldn’t see it at the time.”

The actress previously admitted during an interview with “Good Morning Britain” that she also had her ears pinned back, as noted by the Daily Mail.