Neil Cavuto Opens Up On Lessons Of Getting Cancer And Open Heart Surgery: ‘Don’t Be A Schmuck’

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Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto shared lessons he learned from having cancer, multiple sclerosis and open-heart surgery during an interview with TheWrap published Thursday.

“When I started my career, I was selfish and egotistical. Now, I’m just egotistical,” he told TheWrap. “You can step on people’s hands as you move up the ladder and that was me. I think cancer told me, ‘Slow down. Quit stepping on hands. Don’t be a schmuck. Don’t be so enamored of yourself that you don’t think all of this can go in a moment, which it can.’”

Cavuto’s Stage 4 cancer diagnosis occurred early on in his adulthood prior to being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and heart disease, according to TheWrap. (RELATED: ‘Damn, You’re Still Alive’: Neil Cavuto Ends Hiatus With A Live Reading Of His Own Hate Mail)

The anchor had open-heart surgery five years ago and told TheWrap that he feared he would never see a news studio, adding that he has a hard time determining if he feels run down due to his ailments.

Cavuto also told TheWrap that he tries not to get bogged down by divisiveness and “fleeting” political fights. He said he refrains from shouting on his shows and tries to treat his guests with respect, TheWrap reported.

“The illness – and even the heart issue five years ago – reinforces that life is so short,” Cavuto said. “Is it worth it, being an a**? I don’t think it is.”