‘You Had Your Day In Court And You Lost’: Chris Wallace Challenges Corey Lewandowski Directly, Tells Him To Stop Blaming Media

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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“Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace challenged Corey Lewandowski directly during a Sunday morning interview.

Wallace asked Lewandowski, who served for a time as campaign manager for former President Donald Trump, about election integrity and reports that Trump believed he could be reinstated as president by August. (RELATED: ‘I Cover The News, Wherever That Takes Me’: Politico Playbook Pits Chris Wallace Against Jake Tapper Over Booking Republicans)


Wallace pointed out the fact that Trump has continued to claim that the 2020 presidential election was stolen and mentioned a report from New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman claiming that Trump was telling allies he expected to be returned to the White House by August.

“I have never had a conversation about him being reinstated … I know of no provision under the Constitution that allows that to occur,” Lewandowski replied, despite saying that he had spoken to Trump many times since he left the presidency.

“So look, there are election integrity matters that we need to deal with,” Lewandowski continued. “There’s no question about that and specifically when I was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, after the election results, we notified the media of at least one dead person who voted. It is unequivocal, but the response from the media was, ‘Well, that person was a Trump supporter.’ We have to have election integrity —”

“You keep blaming this on the media. The fact of the matter is this went to more than 60 different court cases and you were beaten in every one,” Wallace pushed back. “The Supreme Court refused to even hear the Trump challenges, so please don’t blame this on the media. You had your day in court and you lost.”

Lewandowski pressed onward, however, arguing that the media had a responsibility to provide “a fair and honest account” of the process and the election results.

“Look, I have provided specific examples —” Lewandowski continued, but Wallace interrupted.

“What about the courts? What about the courts? Trump-appointed judges, including the Supreme Court that has a 6-3 conservative majority? They threw you out of court,” he said.

Lewandowski argued that it should not be the court’s responsibility to relitigate elections after the fact — but rather the legislatures should have been held accountable in real time by the media.