Give Dad This Portable Fire Pit and Grill Combo, On Sale For An Extra 20% Off

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From changing your diapers when you were a baby to teaching you how to properly change the tire on a car — it’s hard to count how many ways your dad’s been there for you over the years. And with Father’s Day just around the corner, there’s no better time than now to show your old man just how much you appreciate him.

If you’re looking for something useful to give pops this Father’s Day, the Fireflower Spark Fire Pit + Grill is just the ticket. Completely versatile and easy to use, this gizmo puts a grill and a fire pit right at your fingertips, whether you’re out camping or hanging out in your buddy’s backyard.

Unlike other fire pits out there, this Fireflower model requires practically no installation, as you can set it up and take it apart in around a minute flat. Consisting of just four, stainless steel pieces, this grill/fire pit combo can be set up just about anywhere, requiring nothing more than some wood and a little flame to get things going.

Even if you’re not a big griller or fire pit user, this gadget is incredibly easy and safe to maneuver. Its handles are padded with velcro, allowing you to touch and move the pit’s pieces, even if they’re still hot. The system even comes with a set of leather gloves to protect your hands while handling it.

Boasting heavy-duty, rust-proof materials and designed by a former architect, the Fireflower Spark Fire Pit + Grill is made in the U.S. and designed to last, season after season, making it perfect for intimate gatherings in all types of spaces, whether it be tailgates and barbeques or camping trips and park outings.

Recognized by Garden & Gun and other respected publications, The Fireflower spark Fire Pit + Grill is changing the way people spend their time in the outdoors. Whether you surprise your dad with one for Father’s Day or give your brother one on his birthday, this gadget is a gift that keeps on giving.

Get the Fireflower Spark Fire Pit + Grill for $103.99 (reg. $159) with code WELOVEDAD.

Prices subject to change.


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