‘Lamest Form Of Damage Control’: Fox Business Guest Says Kamala Harris Is Going To The Border So GOP Will Stop Saying She Didn’t Go

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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The Heritage Foundation’s James Jay Carafano said Thursday that Vice President Kamala Harris’ planned trip to the U.S.-Mexico border was the “lamest form of damage control.”

Carafano spoke with “Fox Business Tonight” host Brian Brenberg about the vice president’s trip and argued that she had primarily scheduled it to keep Republicans from complaining on Fox News that she hadn’t been to the border yet. (RELATED: ‘She Would Have Never Gone’ — Trump Weighs In On Report That Kamala Harris Will Visit The Southern Border After ‘Ignoring The Crisis’)


Carafano began by noting that Harris was going to visit El Paso, Texas, even though the majority of the illegal border crossings were actually taking place hundreds of miles away.

“It does send an interesting message,” he said, adding, “But, look, let’s just be honest here, the purpose of this visit is so Republicans can’t go on Fox News and say Harris hasn’t been to the border. That’s it. This is the lamest form of damage control, it is the ultimate bare minimum.”

“It’s like the captain of the Titanic going below deck and just helping mop up some of the water,” Carafano continued. “I mean, this is the best they can come up with. It really is, like, 101 of the worst kind of help deal with a political firestorm that they created.”

“It does seem like a very studious effort to avoid going where the real problems are,” Brenberg agreed, going on to ask what Harris might see if she made a serious effort to visit the parts of the border where the situation was most dire.

“As we’ve all said, the problem is the policies in the White House, not the border,” Carafano concluded. “And there’s nothing they’re actually going to do on the border which would ameliorate any of the concerns.”