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EDITORIAL: This Week In Stupid Questions, Stupid Answers And Hot Takes

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Tucker Carlson went to war with the military (again), an Olympic athlete is “representing” the United States by turning her back on the flag and disgraced comedian Bill Cosby is … out of prison?

The 24-hour news cycle — coupled with thousands of media outlets and a gradual return from pandemic boredom to a somewhat normal life — makes it all but impossible for anyone to truly stay abreast of all the news.

To save our readers the time and aggravation, the Daily Caller has compiled some of the most ridiculous moments from the last week and brought them together in one convenient dispatch.

So here it is, the week that was:

  • Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson waged war against the woke military — again – laying into Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. “He’s not just a pig, he’s stupid,” Carlson said, blasting Milley for testifying that he wanted to better understand “white rage” in the context of the Capitol riot that took place Jan. 6. “By the way, have you read anything recently about winning wars? Apparently not,” he added.


  • As if scripted, CNN hosts Brian Stelter and Brianna Keilar immediately lashed out at Carlson over his assessment of Milley. “You are white rage,” they said of Carlson.

  • CNN’s Van Jones called former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin’s 22.5-year sentence — for the murder of George Floyd — “a punch in the gut.” He went on to note that Chauvin could be out in as little as 15 years and that he knew of people serving 15 for much lesser crimes.


  • President Joe Biden apparently issued a veto threat by accident when he suggested that he would not sign the proposed bipartisan infrastructure deal without a complementary reconciliation package that granted Democrats everything they couldn’t get in the deal. He immediately walked it back as Republicans balked. “My comments also created the impression that I was issuing a veto threat on the very plan I had just agreed to, which was certainly not my intent,” he said.
  • CNN’s Chris Cuomo flexed in response to an off-color insult on Twitter.

“That how this happened?! Hahahaha. Come on, baby, dont hate – facilitate. You can do better than this petty bs,” Cuomo replied.

  • White House senior adviser Cedric Richmond blamed Republicans for defunding police. “Let’s talk about who defunded the police. When we were in Congress last year trying to pass a rescue plan — I’m sorry, not the rescue plan but an emergency relief plan for cities that were cash-strapped and laying off police and firefighters — it was the Republicans who objected to it and in fact, they didn’t get funding until the American Rescue Plan,” Richmond told “Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace.
  • Olympic hammer thrower Gwen Berry qualified for the upcoming Tokyo Games in third place behind DeAnna Price and Brooke Andersen — and then turned her back on the American flag when the national anthem happened to play during their award ceremony. A series of critics from Republican Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw to “The View” host Meghan McCain argued that it was inappropriate for her to protest in that way when she was supposed to be representing the United States.
  • MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough lashed out at Democrats, arguing that their inability to accept a bipartisan infrastructure deal without tacking on a massive reconciliation package could cause the whole thing to blow up in their faces.


  • “CBS This Morning” took a questionable turn when Gayle King made an abrupt pivot from an emotionally powerful legal immigration story to a question about a “tiny child penis.”


  • Tucker Carlson claimed to have proof that the NSA has been monitoring his communications — which he said was part of a politically-motivated effort to get him taken off the air. The NSA responded, saying that Carlson had never been an intelligence target.


  • Fox News host Dana Perino advised Republicans to take a step back, “eat some popcorn” and leave the Democrats alone to work out their issues on infrastructure. She noted that progressives were unhappy with the bipartisan deal, and that moderates were concerned that the deal would fall through entirely if they insisted on linking a larger reconciliation package.
  • And to round out this crazy week, Pennsylvania’s highest court overturned the sexual assault conviction of comedian Bill Cosby — who has already served over two years in prison. According to the ruling, “an agreement with a previous prosecutor prevented him from being charged.”

Check back next week for a comprehensive look at who said what and about whom.