61 People Arrested After Descending Onto Downtown Chicago, Wreaking Havoc

[Twitter/Screenshot/16th and 17th District Chicago Police Scanner]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Chicago police arrested 61 people Sunday night after the group took over the street, danced on cop cars and set off fireworks, among other raucous behavior, according to multiple reports.

More than 100 people took to the streets and sidewalks in the Chicago area known as the Loop late Sunday, according to Fox 32.

A police spokesman confirmed to the local outlet that 61 people were arrested, with most being young adults, along with some minors. Charges ranged from battery, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, according to the report.

Police began receiving calls around 6:30 p.m., when some members of the crowd started launching fireworks.

Others were allegedly shooting bottle rockets at officers and jumping on top of police cars despite orders to disperse, Fox 32 reported. (RELATED: 1-Month-Old, 9-Year-Old Among 7 People Shot In Chicago)

One officer was hit with a bottle rocket near the ear while another sustained an injury to the ankle during an altercation with an alleged offender, according to the report.

“Sunday night was a disaster,” Ald. Brian Hopkins told CBS Chicago. “We had massive chaos and mayhem downtown. We had guns in backpacks. Guns in pockets. A large number of firearms present.”

Police Superintendent David Brown and Hopkins said a number of arrests involved teens with guns.

“A disturbingly high number of those arrests involved a teenager with a gun,” Hopkins said. “We had guns in backpacks. Guns in pockets. A large number of firearms present. We are really lucky no one was murdered in the Loop last night.”

“I think it’s a tough situation. I understand the need for police to be easier on certain people and I also understand their standpoint, so I think a lot of these kids just don’t know what to do and they need some hope,” Chicago resident Bob Lehman told Fox 32.