‘Daddi Warcrimes’: Activist Artist Detained For Vandalizing Hunter Biden Exhibit

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Authorities arrested Rod Webber, an artist and documentary filmmaker, for vandalizing a New York City gallery exhibiting Hunter Biden’s artwork Friday.

Webber filmed himself silently entering the George Burges Gallery where he began to spray paint the words “Daddi Warcrimes” on the gallery’s wall. A witness of the incident immediately detained Webber from behind, holding him with both arms, calling it a “citizen’s arrest.”

“You’re assaulting me, you are assaulting me, sir. Get off of me,” Webber said to the detainee, who he called “Bob”. “You have no right to constrain me like this.”

Webber exclaimed that the unidentified detainee is “down with Joe Biden’s war crimes” and that he promoted his son’s artwork. He told the man that “he’s working for Joe Biden.” (RELATED: Climate Activists Dump Cow Poop Outside White House To Protest Joe Biden’s ‘Bulls*it’ Climate Plan)

“Joe Biden’s a war criminal. And you promote his son’s work to launder his money so he can do war crimes. He’s gonna do war crimes,” Webber said. “You’re working for Joe Biden here. You’re working for him, man.”

He continued, “What about the Biden crime family appeals to you the most? Why do you work here? Is it because Joe Biden draped rainbow flags on all the Raytheon missiles? Is it because he’s cutting deals with foreign countries to help bomb little brown kids halfway across the world?”

In February, the Biden administration approved the sale of Raytheon missiles to Chile while simultaneously approving weapons sales to Jordan and a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) agency, Defense News reported. The same month, Biden ordered the U.S. military to bomb Iranian-back militia in Syria in response to three rocket strikes in Iraq that injured American contractors and one service member.

Prior to entering the gallery, Webber said Biden has been “corrupted” throughout his political career. He criticized Biden for allegedly working alongside southern segregationists in the 1960’s and ’70’s and his administration’s Syrian strike, footage shows.

The authorities arrived at the scene and handcuffed Webber as he can be heard telling police that “Bob” attacked him, the footage showed.

The art gallery signed a deal with Hunter in December 2020 and currently exhibits his work, The New York Post reported. The gallery described Hunter as a “lifelong artist that has devoted his artistic career to both the written word and the visual arts.”

Nicole Silverio

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