Lincoln Project Advisor Says Republicans Will Carry Out A ‘Replay Of 9/11’ If Voting Bills Aren’t Passed

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Lincoln Project senior advisor Stuart Stevens told MSNBC host Joy Reid Wednesday night that if the Democrats’ election reform bills are not passed, Republicans could commit a terrorist attack similar to 9/11.

“If we don’t do this, then what happens?” Reid asked Stevens, referring to the passage of the For The People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. The Lincoln Project senior advisor compared the reaction to the 9/11 terrorist attack and said that it was impossible to predict what could happen. (RELATED: Lincoln Project’s Steve Schmidt: Jan. 6 Riot ‘Profoundly More Dangerous’ Than 9/11 Attacks, ‘Likely To Kill A Lot More Americans’)

“Well look, I think it’s our inability to imagine what will happen,” Stevens responded. “It is a replay of 9/11, and we could not imagine this attack on America. And we have to get ahead of that.”

“We call it the American experiment because it could have failed,” he continued. “It was an experiment. And it’s up to us to defend that.”

The For The People Act is a sweeping overhaul of election laws. It would end voter ID requirements, give felons the right to vote, legalize ballot harvesting, and change the way gerrymandering is conducted. The John Lewis Voting Rights Act would also change election rules, including requiring certain changes to voting rules to pass federal preclearance, requiring state-funded polling places on Indian reservations, and requiring public notice for any changes in voting laws.