Police ‘Inundated’ With Claims Of Violation Regulations After 14-Year-Old Drowns At Waterpark


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Ohio police say they have been “inundated” with complaints about regulation violations at a waterpark after a 14-year-old girl drowned Tuesday.

Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones said the department received several complaints about the Land of Illusion Adventure Park. Claims range from allegations the park does not employ certified lifeguards, life vest rules are not enforced and there is no readily available rescue equipment for use.

“This investigation may extend beyond my office and I plan on contacting OSHA and the Attorney General’s Office for assistance,” Jones said. “After this tragedy, the number of complaints has been staggering and I feel it’s very important to obtain all relevant facts to ensure everything is being done according to regulations and safety guidelines.”

Fourteen-year-old Mykiara Jones drowned at the park Tuesday night, according to authorities. Deputies were called to the lake at the amusement park for a juvenile drowning. Staff members were unable to find Mykiara Jones, and following a 30-minute search, a Land of Illusions lifeguard managed to locate her in the water, according to police. (RELATED: Parents Drown In Waterfall As Children Watch)

Madison Township Fire Chief Kent Hall said it took so long to find Mykiara Jones because the lake was not clear like a swimming pool, according to Dayton Daily News.

Mykiara Jones was taken to a children’s hospital where she was pronounced dead.

“This is a tragedy no parent should have to endure,” Jones said. “These are the calls first responders dread and have difficulty dealing with.”

Land of Illusion called the drowning a “tragedy” and said they would cooperate with police during the investigation.

Mykiara Jones was allegedly not wearing a life jacket and when she went underwater “she never came back up,” one of the callers told dispatchers, according to the report.